Meet James Crow

Alexander Technique Teacher, Mindfulness Pro, Author and Speaker


For the last ten years James has helped thousands of people to overcomet their pains and fears using a method called the Alexander Technique. This method is used by actors, sportspeople, and the likes of you and I to feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies, holding themselves in a way that makes great posture look simply effortless.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get happier, feel less pain, and flourish with their new-found confidence. Each new person I work with is like a little puzzle, we work together to solve the kinks and creases, and before you know it they’re feeling great”.

If you’re feeling pain and could do with finding a lighter and easier life, so you can really enjoy life to the full, then I can’t wait to help. Get in touch today to start making the positive change.

Alexander Technique Teacher

The technique helps you become more aware of your posture, takes stress off your body and mind, and helps you move more freely. It helps if you have backache, or a stiff neck and shoulders, if you want to improve your posture, if you suffer from RSI, or if you just get uncomfortable sitting at your computer.

An NHS study proved it can reduce days with back pain by 86%.

It’s also great to learn if you’re a singer, musician, actor, dancer or athlete and feel you’re not performing to your full potential.

And if you get headaches, problems sleeping, or stress and anxiety, use the Alexander Technique to help you feel more relaxed and comfortable in your body.

“I use the Alexander Technique to stay stress-free, and the confident effortless posture it gives you means you’re sure to be noticed. It’s fun to learn and easy to apply”.

Mindfulness Pro

Mindfulness is the new “in thing” and is being promoted to you offering a solution to all your problems. But that’s just not the case. Most people don’t have ten or twenty years to sit in a monastery and gain great insight into themselves. Modern life is frantic and demanding. During my years studying mindfulness I’ve seen mindfulness teachers acting very stressed just trying to teach a class. Which is bonkers, frankly! What we want is a quick, simple and practical approach to being more aware and mindful in the REAL WORLD! So I’ve built on my years of teaching and practise to bring you a course that really works.

“There’s real pleasure to be had, in the moment, when we’re doing everyday things. I don’t mind queuing any more, it gives me a chance to work on myself, leaving boredom and stress in the dust”.


Supercharge your mindfulness in just 15 minutes a day. No long sitting meditation required.

I can help you make the most of your life, feeling calm, cool and in control. Learn to deal with stress and overcome your tension with my easy to learn guided program, and join our growing community of successful Active Mindfulness winners.

© 2017 James Crow.

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